Certifications, Environment And Ethics


Certified organic cotton

Certified organic cotton sounds very fancy and green, but what is it really? This question is not easy to answer. Cotton is in essence an organic product, so what does it entail? Certified organic cotton is in most ways not very different from normal cotton. One unique differentiator however is that this certified cotton is always grown without pesticides and thus is definitely a better option. There are two types of certifications for organic cotton, one being more sophisticated than the other. Click here to find out more. Unfortunately these Certifications are far from perfect, therefor it is our goal to look for even better certifications/alternatives. We strongly believe that no company is perfect or 100% green, but with the proper motivation one can keep making more and more impact towards a better future.


Here at Yellmo Clothing we always want to be conscious of the environment. We think it's important to be constantly revolutionizing and bettering our process to put as little pressure on our very own environment as possible. Although we might not be able to afford the best solution or know what the best solution is, we are constantly evolving in our field. Your garment is our passion, and we will not stop until its perfect.


More to come....